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You left your fallout shelter.

You found and repaired a beautiful and deadly 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

Now, you'll have to drive your way through a desolate and dangerous desert in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by war clans and lone survivors.

Remember... Never Get Outta the Car.

This concept of a game is a submission to the "I Wasn't Gonna Make This Anyway" Jam, for which you have to create everything you can/want about a game, but not the game itself. This one is inspired by what I was hoping when I first heard about Fallout 76: it immediatly reminded me of the masterpiece called Interstate 76. I hoped the Bethesda game would be a hommage to it and would become some sort of "Mad Max in Fallout". Needless to say, I ended up being hugely disappointed (boringly disappointed, should I say).

Concept and text : Feldo
Music : Asderrde


Fallin76_files_v2.zip 3 MB

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